Provides new functionality like clickable prototypes, custom keyboard shortcuts and much more!
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Nov 1, 2010

After 5 months of coding & bug squashing I’m excited to finaly release a new version of Workflow! Here are the big new features you’ll be interested in:

Compatible with Windows Vista & Windows 7

I’ve switched to Windows 7 as my main operating system so it was high time I made Workflow compatible with it! Please note that the settings folder for Workflow will now be located in %appdata%/workflow – if you are updating on Windows XP the installer will automatically move your settings to the new directory.

New “Lab” menu

This is where I’ll be putting the new commands that are still in the experimental phase of development. These might be promoted to official commands in the next release, or abandonned if nobody is using them… If you like any of these, let me know!
Insert Stencil
Quick way to find and insert a stencil shape simply by typing its name.
Insert Picture
Same as “Insert > Picture > From File”, but can be triggered by a keyboard shortcut.
Insert Content Table
Creates a shape that contains a list of all the pages and their associated page number.
Increase/Decrease Text Margins
Increases/decreases the top, bottom, left and right text margin of a shape by 2 pt. For you Jipé!
Zoom to 100% all pages
Scrolls every page of the document to the top left corner and sets the zoom level to 100%. For you Pierre!

Auto Sitemap Renumbering

I completely rewrote the sitemap engine this time around, which yields a bit better performance and fixes a LOT of bugs, especially around turning icons on and off on sitemap shapes, copying and deleting them etc. This in turn made it possible to automatically renumber child shapes when the parent’s number changes (can be turned off in the options dialog). If it works well I might add auto positioning as well…

…and lots more!

There’s lots of other small features (ex: optional PDF export when generating a prototype) and bug fixes (ex: auto height & width on french systems, “enter” as a key name in the the keyboard shortcuts dialog, etc.). I have many ideas for version 1.3 as well, which should be the best version of Workflow so far… so stay tuned & send me your feedback!

Download Workflow 1.2

May 29, 2010
After quite a few months without news here it is: a new version of Workflow! This is a minor point release (ie: 1.x) and is therefore free for both paying and trial users.
  • NEW: Added Project title, subtitle, version & date to exported prototype (left menu)
  • NEW: Added “Subject” field to document info dialog box for project subtitle
  • NEW: Added “Open find/replace” menu item (under Pages) – for you Jipé! ;)
  • NEW: Added “Open format > fill/line/text” items under their respective submenus
  • NEW: Added “print all keyboard shortcuts” functionality in keyboard shortcuts dialog
  • NEW: Added “no punctuation” checkbox in Generate Lorem Ipsum dialog box
  • NEW: Added icons for menu items: Close Workflow, Help
  • NEW: Nicer splash screen and about screen
  • FIX: Many special characters now handled properly when exporting prototype: é è ê ë à * ? < |
  • FIX: Transparency is only applied to some of the text in a shape when using shape props dialog
  • FIX: Changing the color of selected text in a shape does not work everytime
  • Sep 14, 2009

    We’re happy to announce that we’re finally out of beta!

    This release brings a ton of bug fixes, speed and usability improvements as well as a new design that’s more in line with the website. There is also a new splash dialog on startup which asks users to register if they like our tool. Registration is super quick and removes all trial restrictions (delay on startup, export all pages limited to 5 pages).

    It is priced low enough that we hope many users will see the cost/benefit advantage of registering and thus continue using Visio in the most optimized way!

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